A data cloud is actually a slick marketing term that many software and hardware vendors have used to sell repackaged, traditional services and even hardware.

A cloud is an environment that permits the rapid development of applications and use and sharing of data. The operating concept is the ability to create business intelligence with a few mouse clicks.

Much of the mission critical data of Corporate America is locked away on Oracle back end databases. Billions of dollars in licensing fees and support are transferred from business to Oracle Corporation simply for the privilege of storing the data.

Oracle is a wonderful product, and tied to application suites it can do a lot to make business more efficient and smarter. The only problem is its wildly overpriced.

What is mysql? A less costly alternative database with every bit of scalability, functionality and mission critical feature that Oracle has. It also has Oracle behind it, strange as that may seem.

Your business can be just as smart, just as responsive as any other business without paying for the software. The software is available for free, it is just as reliable as what you would pay for and its ready to go.

Think this is a hobby project running on a couple of Linux boxes? Wrong. The mission critical back end will run on your superdome with 128 CPU’s and Terabytes of memory. Your data will still sit on an EMC VMAX or your chosen storage solution. Rapid Application Development (RAD) will become possible at a price that will change things.

Our product includes the following components:

  • Mysql database appliance: A High Availability configuration that will run on Red Hat Linux, HP-UX, AIX or Solaris. The hardware required is determined by OS vendor specific issues, the amount of redundancy required and the amount of computing power required.
  • RAD Rapid Application Development server/infrastructure. This runs on Linux and can include your chosen development environments. This component is optional.
  • Enterprise support for the Mysql database: Enterprise,Time and Materials or support packages.
  • Alternative computer desk top. Move your computing to Linux or the Google Documents environment.