Many IT shops spend a lot of time allocating storage, setting up file systems, breaking things down and putting them up. The work is tedious and time consuming and uses a lot of staff resources.

It does not need to be that way. We have developed storage automation to build and break storage configurations without the hard work. It is much faster than doing it by hand.

Features(Incomplete list)

  • Disk allocation
  • Volume Group creation
  • Logical Volume Creation
  • Filesystem Creation
  • Mount configuration
  • File system mounting
  • Volume Group Export/Import
  • Data refresh/migration
  • Data structure breakdown
  • Disk removal

This system can take data directly from your help desk ticket and end up with working data structures minutes after the storage is presented to your system.

This script package works on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and HP-UX and can do the work of a team of system administrators. It will work with almost any brand of storage.